What if my Landlord will not sign up?

Tenants can invite Landlords to sign up for FrontLobby to facilitate Rent Reporting to Credit Bureaus.

To initiate building your credit, the first step is to invite your Landlord directly through our system by clicking on Create My Lease Record under the Record Builder tab. Once the Landlord receives the invite to verify the details on the Lease Record, they can approve it, edit it, or reject it. Tenants are notified when the Landlord takes action on their Lease Record. Approved Lease Records will be visible under My Lease Records.

We encourage you to reach out to your Landlord to ask them to approve the Lease Record if they don’t complete this step.


If this does not work, you can reach out directly to your Landlord or have them contact us at support@frontlobby.com


Tenants: Free Sign up HERE