What happens when a Tenant moves out?

FrontLobby records should be updated when a Tenant moves out. If a debt is still owed by a former Tenant, that debt can be reported to Credit Bureaus and access powerful notifications through the Collect feature.

When a Tenant moves out, this should be indicated on the Lease Record. To switch Lease status from current to former:  

  1. Login to your FrontLobby account
  2. Open the My Leases tab
  3. Select the Lease Record 
  4. Select the Former option
  5. Enter the lease end date
  6. Click Save 

If the Tenant moves out in good standing, no further action is required.  

If the Tenant moves out still owing a debt, the best way to recover this debt is to turn on the Collect feature. With Collect, the outstanding balance will remain on the Tenant’s Credit Report until the debt is paid. 

If you have additional questions on Collect, please contact us HERE