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My Tenant invited me to join FrontLobby, what do I do next?

Many tenants want to build their credit through Rent Reporting. Tenants may invite their Landlord to report rental payment to Credit Bureaus through FrontLobby.

If a Tenant creates a Lease Record and invites you as their Landlord, you should:

  1. Click on the Sign Up link and Login to your FrontLobby account or Create an Account
  2. Complete the sign up process and verify your ID
  3. Click My Leases
  4. Click the Draft Leases tab
  5. Review or edit the Lease Record to ensure accuracy
  6. Click Approve
  7. Once accepted, the Lease will appear under Current Leases
  8. Tenants have the option of paying for Rent Reporting to Credit Bureaus and a Landlord only needs to login every 60 days to keep their account active

To ensure all rental payments and debts are reported to Credit Bureaus, a Landlord may upgrade to the Premium plan and add additional Tenants under the My Leases tab.


Please note if your Tenant did not create a Lease Record and invited you as their Landlord you can create a Lease Record following the steps from this article.