How to read my FrontLobby Lease Record?

Tenants can view relevant lease details that are shared with Credit Bureaus from the FrontLobby platform.

FrontLobby offers a platform for Landlords and Property Managers that can be used for internal Recordkeeping purposes and to share relevant rental details with Credit Bureaus. A Tenant can view their Lease Record in the FrontLobby platform. The Lease Record details include: 

  1. Status: Indicates if you are a current or former Tenant at this property.
  2. Property details: includes street address, unit number, etc.
  3. Monthly rent amount.
  4. Rent Reporting: Indicates whether rental payment records are being shared with Credit Bureaus like Equifax.
  5. Consent check box: Check this to opt-in to sharing positive rental payments with Credit Bureaus like Equifax and improve your Credit Report.
  6. Payment records: Indicates a monthly break down of rental payment history including if it was paid on time, paid late or any debts were outstanding.
  7. Lease Notes: Notes for internal Recordkeeping purposes taken by the Landlord. This information is never shared with third parties but is visible to the Tenant and the Landlord.
  8. Landlord Contact Info: Name and email address of the Landlord that completed this Tenant Record. 


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