How does FrontLobby benefit Landlords?

FrontLobby empowers Landlords to increase their revenue by attracting better renters, drastically reducing delinquencies and their inevitable impact on profit, while driving greater operating efficiencies.

FrontLobby offers effective tools to maximize the Landlords returns by empowering them to select great Tenants, recover debts, reduce late payments and reward great Tenants. Through FrontLobby, Landlords have the same capabilities other credit grantors have always had with the major Credit Bureaus. 

Tenant Screening: Find the Right Tenant – FrontLobby provides Landlords with powerful Tenant screening tools including instant, easy to read Equifax Credit Reports, clauses for applications and access to Landlord Credit Bureau Tenant Records.

Rent Reporting: Motivate and Reward On Time Payments–FrontLobby enables rental payment data to be shared with Credit Bureaus and reflected on a Tenant’s Credit Report. This motivates on-time payments, reduces delinquencies, and rewards responsible Tenants. Tenants can use their rent payments to build credit and create a positive Tenant Record that they can use to receive priority when next applying to rent. 
Collect: Recover Former Tenant Debt – FrontLobby’s Collect offering is an industry leading debt recovery tool. FrontLobby Collect reports debts from former Tenants to Credit Bureaus and is combined with notification tools that drive communication between Tenant and Landlord.

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