How do I pull a Credit Report for a prospective Tenant?

FrontLobby provides instantaneous, long form Credit Reports to help select the best Tenants possible.

Premium and Basic members can perform a Credit Check with FrontLobby. You will need to verify your identity and register your account for free with Equifax, which may take 2-7 days. Once this step is completed you will have access to instant, long form Credit Reports with score at the industries most cost effective rate.

To pull a Credit Report on a prospective Tenant: 

  1. Login to your FrontLobby account
  2. Click on Tenant Screening
  3. The first time you access this, click Register Now
  4. Confirm organization details to register with Equifax for Free
  5. Enter Tenant Details (First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth/SIN/SSN and previous address)
  6. Confirm you have consent before accessing the applicants' Credit Report
  7. Click Tenants name to view Credit Report
  8. Download or Print Credit Report

Please note Credit Reports are only accessible in your FrontLobby account for 72 hours after purchase, so please download or print a Credit Report immediately to prevent having to purchase the report again.


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